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Access your appointment anytime, any place

You can access your scheduler whenever you want and where ever you are as long as you are able to connect to the internet. You can also share your scheduler with your staffs in the office, so that you have single point of reference.

Simple to Use

thelulu.com is designed for service industry. All you need to care about is your customers, your staffs and appointments. All you need to do is subscribe to this service, try it, and pay for the service if you like it.

Upcoming Appointment Alert

The dashboard always show the upcoming appointments for the next 7 days, with different color code that indicate assigned and unassigned appointment, so you can quickly act on unassigned appointments.

Automate Appointment Scheduling

thelulu.com allow you to create recurring appointment once, and it will automatically mark the subsequent appointments in your calendar.

Your Business Overview

Your business is about your customers, your staffs and time, and your revenue comes from the match of these 3 entities – the appointment. thelulu.com give you various view to track and manage your appointments.

Staff Availability At One Glance

You certainly want to be able to quickly identify the staffs that are available when your customers’ call up to ask for your service at their preferred date and time.

Staff Skill Profile

Staff skill profile enable you to match your staffs to the jobs that require specific skills or languages at various level or proficiency.

Flexible Billing & Invoicing

Professional package allow you to generate invoice to bill your customers.
You have the flexibility to generate invoice for each service appointment or you may group several appointments into single invoice.

Useful Reports

You can generate your sales report, collection reports, and staffs reports from the system, and export to pdf or excel format.

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