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Running a medium size cleaning service business could be challenging, especially if you have more than 10 cleaning staffs to be assigned to service your customers daily.

Imaging handling 30 – 60 cleaning jobs a day, you really need a good manager to take care of your customers, your staffs and their appointments.

A lot of cleaning businesses using spreadsheet in electronic and printed format to record and track their staffs’ schedule. It is certainly fine as long as the number of appointment is small, and the appointments’ schedule are fixed.

However, when the number of appointment increases, problem begins to happen. You may overlook some customers’ appointment, you may double-assign a staff to serve two customers at the same time. The situation turns chaotic when customers begin to reschedule their cleaning appointments.

You would probably consider to invest a software to help you to manage your staffs, your customers and your job appointments better. If that’s what you are thinking about, you are on the right track to realize, there are a lot of works can now be simplified and improved, with the help of information technology.

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